Gentle Peel off Mask!

Hi Everyone! So I tried a new mask this morning, one of the "peel off" kind(which are always fun)! I must say I saw insult results! I feel like it removed a layer of dead skin and minimized my pores. I definitely recommend it and would use it once to 2x a week, depending on your current routine. Some more info is listed below! 


This gentle Peel Off Mask utilizes Vitamin C to help eliminate damage caused by free radicals while working to nourish the skin. Pomegranate superfruit is also used because it is known to contain Omega 5 and Punicic Acid for cell regeneration as well as hydration. This mask will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and rejuvenated.
Free of Parabens, Phalates, Sulfates, PEG's