Nurse Jaime Reveiw

If you expect magic from this or some injection result it’s not that. If you have ever heard of a jade roller that’s the easiest way to compare. Except it’s tourmaline instead of jade. I personally love this thing ! I bring it on the plane with me and find it so relaxing. It uplifts in 2 ways, plumps your skin for a little mini face lift and internally for the mind. It instantly feels relaxing and cooling, I even sometimes put it in the freezer for that extra cool feel. It can also be used on the body as well as face. Black tourmaline helps energize, enhance, and uplift your skin. If you think about it we massage our body’s but we forget about our face. It also needs circulation, the roller imitates the massage techniques used in a facial. It’s definitely a good buy. I did also buy the nurse Jaime pillow and I wasn’t satisfied so I returned that. My opinion it was rough and too small. Wasn’t worth the cost. 

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