Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

Supervillains accept a secret government mission that will likely result in their deaths.


As most of you Know this costume is not sold in stores or at least not yet. I'm a professional artist and enjoyed making this costume but just a little warning it can be tedious for some people. I used Michael's craft store for mostly all my props and eBay for the items I did not make(wig, belt, socks). I suggest watching a few other videos and get ideas from other blogs as well as mine! Suicide Squad comes out This August 5th, 2016. I made this blog for fun and for those of you who plan to make a costume as real as mine! 


This was my practice costume, I liked the idea so much & wanted to share how I made it happen! Enjoy

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 9.01.51 AM.png

One of the reason's I love halloween is because you can look as scary, crazy, or whatever you want and just have fun with it! 


Harley's Shirt was fun to make, since I love to sew!  It was hard for me to find  three quarter sleeve shirt, so I bought this one at Macy's and ended up custom fitting it to my body. I started off by cutting both sides of the shirt, getting rid of excess cloth. 

Then, sewing it back to together. Don't worry about being neat because Harley's character is supposed to look crazy and torn. I used pins to guide me through just so it fit my arms right. I also tried on the shirt several times while making it to make sure it was the right fit. You can use measuring tape if easier but I went freestyle with the eye.

Ok Before you go ahead and start painting, use something in between the the shirt so you don't leak to the back of shirt! I used stencil paper taped to regular paper. Using fabric paint from Micheal's craft store I painted the top of shirt red. Prior to that I used a ruler and pencil to outline where I wanted to paint and bordered it with tape. Repeat with back side once front side dries. You can use any paintbrush you want I happen to use a medium squared brush, as well as a small sponge brush for the edges.

 Ok Here is a tricky part, The letters on her shirt! I went to staples and made a copy of the logo after finding it online. I then used a sharpie marker and dotted the outline to make it easier from me to paint it after. I also used white paint to fix any mistakes I made with the black paint. I used a very fine paintbrush for this part.

I cut holes in the shirt to make it look ragged and edgy and then sewed some back together.

Another tricky part, the blue sleeve to the shirt! For this I diluted the blue paint with few drops of white paint and carefully outlined with pencil, used tape and repeated for the red stripes! 

To make Harley's shorts I used boy shorts, I did the front and back one at a time. Since half of them is blue and half is red, I only worked with one color at a time. I first painted the shorts white to really make the colors stand out.

Using acrylic or cloth paint, I then painted each side red & blue. You can use tape for a perfection or just be neat, or as i did I just covered one side with paper. You don't want the blue touching the red or the results will be purple.

Waited for that to dry(few hours), Then used glue over that and sprinkled the glitter several times until entire surface was covered. Repeat with other side, and repeat with back of the shorts.


One thing I didn't make is this belt, I found this online on ebay!

Ok, on to the next! To make Harley's glove I found an old glove of mine, cut of the tips, and used black masking tape to paint it exactly like like Quinn's! 

I painted the palm side white using white paint, and half of the thumb part red shown below.

To make Harley's Collar I used gold lettered stickers from Michael's craft store and glued foam paper underneath to make them thicker.

I then waited for each letter to dry, cut them out, painted them matt and glued them onto the collar.


To make Harley's Earrings I used gold assorted pins. I used the largest pin and attached all sorts of sizes to that on and then used an earring of mine to attach the big pin to. Harley Quinn wears lots of pins as earrings so have fun with this part!

I made Harleys Spiky Bracelets using foam paper and glued velcro to secure. I used these jewelry pieces from Michael's craft store and glued them on to look like spikes. I originally was goin to use screws, but that is far to dangerous to be around other people, considering i went to NYC, although that would work for a photoshoot! 

Ok The gun was fun to make! I bought a toy bee bee gun and painted it to look like Harley's gun. I waited for each part to dry before moving on to the next.

Ok, I lied, here is another peice I didnt make and found on ebay! Gun Holster

Here is me using my toy gun on poison Ivy

My gun stayed in place all night and such a fun prop to play with!


Ok The best part of the costume is the Harley's Bat ! This takes patience to make. I used stencils to outline each letter, I mixed red and drop of black ink to give it that bloody red bloody affect.

I used black duct tape to wrap around the bottom of bat and painted that white to give it the same exact look as Harley's Bat.

After stenciling out the diamond shapes, I used tape, painted, for for color to dry and repeat! 

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.32.39 AM.png

Once agian don't worry about perfection, this costume is far from that and is suppose to be messy!

For my pale white face I went to Sephora and gor a sample of Kat Von D foundation in number 42

For all tattoos's I used waterproof eyeliner by ELF and just free styled on the train while heading to the ferry! 

I found these DC Comic socks on ebay as well! 

The best part about dressing up like Harley Quinn was being able to be in NYC! This is a subway platform, makes great pic backgrounds & they also shot parts of the movie in New York City.