Halloween makeup ideas!

1. Sexy Black Cat halloween makeup

  I know, this is probably the ‘unofficial’ backup halloween costume of every woman on the planet, but it’s foolproof! These halloween makeup ideas transform your look with expertly applied cat-eyes, will have you purring all night long.

  • Use a black waterproof eyeliner pencil to draw a dot on the tip of your nose and whiskers on your cheeks.
  • Use a liquid eyeliner to trace a thin strip along your upper lash line, extending the color out slightly at the corners for a cat-eye halloween makeup effect.
  • Apply a baby pink lip color.



2. Vampire halloween makeup


Twilight and True Blood have made this trend incredibly popular this year. So if you want to be a sexy bloodsucker, try these Transylvanian halloween makeup tips on for size.

  • Use a foundation one shade lighter than your skin. Then apply a matte translucent powder so that your halloween makeup is very flawless and pale. Really pack it on.
  • For really dramatic and creative halloween makeup, create blood dribbles coming out of the corners of your mouth with either a liquid stain, red lipstick, or cream blush.
  • Fill in brows with a dark brown or black pencil for a strong, exaggerated appearance. Use lots of mascara, but just on the outer half of the lashes, to give them a more exotic look.


3. Sexy Witch halloween makeup

This is a classic Halloween costume that seems to never go out of style and the Halloween makeup to match is classic:

  • Even out your skin tone, taking your foundation a couple of shades lighter for a ghoulish effect.
  • smoky eye is powerful and sexy. Rim the top and bottom lash lines with black liner, and then exaggerate the stroke at the outer corners. Use a brush to smudge the liner and smoke it out.
  • Use a dark brown eye shadow over the lid and put a little underneath the eyes on the bottom lash line.
  • A nude lip with a smoky eye is standard fare and will look great. But if you want to make more of a statement, go red.
  • All witches have moles—it’s practically a rule. So add yours to complete your Halloween makeup.