Few Makeup Trick's to try this HouLO'WeeN!


It's easy to vamp up your face with pale foundation, black eye liner, and red pigment. Dab a trickle of blood around the eyes with either lipstick or red cream eye liner, and pair with some freaky colored cotactfor extra punch.


It's the Halloween standard—in fact, we could wear black all day every day! From a cat eye to the black lipstick look of the season, you've pretty much got any evil or sinister costume down pat. 


A lace overlay is perfect for ethereal, fairytale-inspired characters. Place a lace fabric swatch over the area you wish to cover, then hold the fabric down with your fingers or medical tape while you apply cream or powder shadow over the fabric. Once you have enough product, slowly lift away the fabric. You’ll reveal a gorgeous pattern that looks as if it took hours to create! Protect your design from sweat and smudges with a powerful eye makeup sealer.