Leave-In Conditioners I Like

Just like we get thirsty so does our hair, therefore we must hydrate. It's important to moisturize it just as you do your skin, and leave-in conditioner is a great moisturizer! While using shampoo and conditioner may be as automatic as brushing your teeth, if your hair is still tangly post shower, frizzy or a little dry overall, you might want to consider trying a leave-in conditioner.                     

Unlike conditioners that you use in the shower, these hair care products are applied afterward and left in your locks until the next washing. (Depending on your hair type -- you might just be lucky enough to apply these hair care products to wet hair, style and go because leave-in conditioners can also act as a styling agent.) Typically conditioners can be fairly dense, where as a leave-in conditioner is more of your dream detangler -- your frizz hero -- and it can pack an extra punch of moisture to yield healthy hair. Also, try scrunching in some leave-In conditioner & apply dry shampoo at roots for a sexy beach-y finish!