Full Highlight- Blonde on Blonde HOW-TO

Blonde hair can be tricky and it should always look and feel natural. There are foiling techniques and sectioning patterns to achieve that. So make sure you find the right hair stylist & condition with masks/leave-in conditioner's weekly. Rusty brittle hair is not hot and playful! Keep in mind, these steps work best when target level is only 2-3 shades lighter then natural virgin hair.  For darker caramel shades, have clients get glosses more frequently to really keep that shine and richness in color. Here's how to get this Beautiful, Shiny Blonde hair-color!

  1. Mix your preferred lightener.
  2. Full Highlight: try to work fast and neat with thin paneling, which allows you to get a closer root retouch.
  3. Process to desired shade, watching every 10 min.
  4. Shampoo when ready.
  5. Gloss for 10 min
  6. Rinse & Condition
  7. Style

I usually use foil to highlight but tried these wax paper highlighting strips and definitely recommend them. They are neat and slide out easy, also no folding!