New York Based Hair Stylist and Makeup Professional Francesca Spatafora is well known for her visionary passion to make people beautiful. Growing up in a family of hair industry professionals, Francesca began mastering the art-form at the of 13. In 2007, The young artist trained at Dop Dop Hair Salon in Manhatttan. After years of practice and study, she began to develop her own client base all over New York & New Jersey. Her particular area of expertise lies in special occasion design and avant-garde makeup as she has much experience working behind the scenes of films, catwalk, and camera. When it comes to Hair and Makeup she can replicate any look or freestyle.  

After constant further education, Francesca currently educates beginner hairstylists on her free time. Francesca has been Great Lengths Extension certified since 2006. She attended a 2 day course at the Metropolitan Hotel in New York City and keeps up to date with GreatLengths USA. 

Francesca maintains herself on what’s in fashion, with a twist of her own creativity. When not working behind the chair, Francesca free-lance’s in private locations as well as behind the scene’s of fashion shows, short films, or editorial shoots. Furthermore, to gain more of the audience’s eye she will please you with coordinating one of her own event’s. She loves to have her work out in the world for people to admire. Francesca satisfies her clientele with their look as well as giving advice to maintain great hair and improve a healthy lifestyle.

From morning till night, Francesca envisions her work as art. She has a vivid perspective. She challenges herself to no limits.